Goals for 2014

The main reason for defining my goals this year was because of a brief discussion I had at this year’s NYE party. We talked about our regrets for years past rather than what we hope to accomplish for the upcoming year. This leads me to reflect on things that I wished I had done sooner.

The below list is a basic outline on things I hope to accomplish in 2014:

Become better at Staying in Touch

Through the craziness that is living in NYC & participating in the startup ecosystem, I`ve neglected more close friends & family that I`m willing to admit.

With 95% of my family being spread around Europe & Canada it’s hard to figure out a time to talk due to time zones, work & various responsibilities.

Sure, there`s always Facebook, most people say that they`re still in touch with their friends due to seeing their status updates or baby pictures. Call me old school but I don`t really consider a Facebook Like or Comment something that`ll maintain a great relationship.

Compete in a BJJ tournament

One thing that I really enjoyed in the past 2 years was learning Jiu Jitsu. At the end of last year I made the decision to quit going due to not being able to commit to it at a level I taught would allow me to grow.

Since then I`ve made couple of major changes in my life & starting Feb I`m going back!

Maintain a better Work/Life Balance

When it comes to building something you believe in either as a founder or team member is the constant drive to improve your product, conversions, funnel, back-end, seo etc.

Sometimes when engulfed in a community that encourages you to work endless hours & do everything you can to make the company succeed it starts becoming reality & it`s hard to snap yourself out of it since when you look around everyone has the same approach.

I think someone that did a good job of debating the whose “hustle != win” is Kyle Bragger in his post Stop Working (so hard).

Pay off all Outstanding Debt

Even though I`m able to make decent income, I`ve never made a conscious effort to payoff all my school loans, credit card etc. Sure, I make my regular payments, but never really thought about just paying off the whole thing in larger chunks until it`s gone. I don`t think most people think how much they pay a year in interest fees, something that was made really clear to me recently.

Spend more time Outside

Growing up in Europe I was fortunate enough that my parents signed me up early on for the boy scouts while living in Poland. I imagine that most people in the U.S have a skewed view on what actually that actually entails, but I`ll leave that for some other time. My point is that since I can remember I love spending time outdoors, the more nature the better.

Each year when I visit my parents we make an effort to go hiking be in Winter or Summer in Tatry . I`ve tried instilling that same love for the outdoors with many of my friends in NYC but it seems like people don`t want to make the effort. One way or the other I`m planning on spending more time outdoors in 2015, mainly by taking trips upstate on the weekends where I don`t have other obligations to attend to.

Publish the backlog of Ideas & Notes

I`ve bought & filled half a dozen Moleskine in the past 5 years, both with ideas all things startups as well as notes from talks, meetings with mentors & books I`ve read.

I think alot of these notes would be useful to people that are currently at various stages of building & running their startup.

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