Start a Business the Right Way

I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.

Thomas Jefferson

A lot of people tend to think that creating a product or service is the hard part. When actually selling and promoting the idea is what really matters.

No matter whats the idea is, if people don’t know about it, there is no way for it to be successful.

I`m surprised by the repeated questions by startup founders that tend to focus on: how do I sell my service, how do I get venture funding and how do I build a community.

The Internet has limitless resources on those topics; anything from blogs, websites to documents on those topics, written by salespeople, university professors, internet marketers, and accomplished entrepreneurs.

I think the main problem is that people are feel like there’s a big disconnect between the virtual world and the real world. Because no matter what Your business does you are always creating a connection with real people.

Either its picking up a phone and calling them directly or going to a meetup and networking, your building a relationship and that’s what really matters.

Tweeting, setting up Facebook pages, Instagram feeds and being on all social media platforms don`t do anything, unless you have defined goals and create value for people you interact with.

So go forth, network by helping people & provide a stream of valuable content so that when the right time comes & you decide to launch a product/service, they’ll be there, waiting & trusting you from the start.

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