The Quaterly Social Media Noise Reduction

Today after having a great morning training session, I came back home, had a quick breakfast and sit down to morning ritual, of checking Twitter, Facebook & various RSS feeds.

I`m a big fan of batching, which is grouping similar tasks together so you essentially focus on one “theme” at a time, like for example: “Catching up on social media feeds”.

The willingness of staying on top of whats happening in various markets can be both a blessing & a curse.

For example, having the insights of what are the current trends in the food+tech startup scene, gives me a better understanding of how I can strategically position PrimalSupply & take advantage of certain future scenarios.

However that requires me to follow x amount of interesting people on their Twitter/Blog/Facebook Page & as I dig deeper into the various blogs I discover even more people that I might finds interesting so naturally, I follow them also.

Now I think you can see where this is going, after couple of months of this cycle I end up with so much information to process that even just skimming through takes for more than I`d like.

This was my screen this morning (some of them I haven`t checked since last Thursday):

It took me around an hour and a half to go through these feeds, this is of course excluding taking a look at the tweets from 350+ ppl I follow.

Now naturally, the easiest thing to do in order to keep some sanity, is to reduce the number of feeds/people I follow on various social media.

The problem with that is, who do I delete?

Here`s the criteria I go by:

  • Can I provide value to this person?
  • Did I interact with this person in the past?
  • Do I value this persons opinion?
  • Is this person relevant to my current/future needs?

If the answer to most of these is No, then the action is straight forward, adios noise maker!

By using the criteria above, today I went from:

  • 362 to 150 people that I follow on Twitter.
  • 138 to 34 RSS feeds.

Hopefully this leads to more meaningful interactions with the people that have my attention.